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Hey thanks for visiting!, a quick story about us:

About 15+ years ago I started making my own custom Kydex gun holsters and knife sheaths, this was at the beginning of DIY thermo-forming and there wasn't much info nor supplies to use. I was in a few groups of like minded individuals and we would all scour the internet and local suppliers for components.

I helped organize this, and we had a hard time finding parts made domestically in the US or if we did they were outrageously expensive upwards of $1 per binding post. With foreign parts we always had problems with proper fit and the poor threading/finish.

A few years back I went to the FabTech Expo show for another employer unrelated to this market but I ended up finding a domestic manufacturer that did custom ordered screws and related parts, the scary part was they required a huge minimum order but I knew the time was right and we jumped in.

We then expanded into plastic injected clips, these are made locally in Seattle, WA. We are still growing our product line and welcome any suggestions.

We believe we supply the highest quality and most competitive US made holster parts that we give a Lifetime Warranty! Don't settle for inferior parts for your custom made holsters, but Quick Clip Pro and never worry again.